Being a human. This is the fate of us all. What is the meaning of life? There is no purpose for us. We’re born, we live, we die. What matters is what we do with our existence. We need new life forms, new dimensions. What is state, system, belief? Forget the past. The only solution: Reset.
Nothing ventured, nothing gained. It is time for the next level.The journey is the reward. In my portfolio I show a piece of my perception. Not putting my experiences into words, I capture moments with my camera. It is important for me that photos have a certain recognition factor. If you only follow somebody else’s footsteps, you will never leave your own foot prints. As well i am writing some content in different blogportals like my travelling expierence in North Korea, restaurants like in Zurich, Venice or Marrakesh, interviews about movies or viaducts comparing Zurich with Paris.

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